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The Sprouted Plate

ALL Colors BACK in Stock! Van Gogh Sheet Glass in Flora - 6x6in square

ALL Colors BACK in Stock! Van Gogh Sheet Glass in Flora - 6x6in square

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This style of Van Gogh glass is called Flora. The black paint coating the back that is encasing the shimmery metallic painted colors that are adhered on the Architectural Clear smooth glass is in the pattern Morisco. This pattern resembles the same copper tinned ceilings that were introduced to North America in the late 1800's as an affordable alternative to the exquisite plasterwork used in European homes. The Morisco pattern has tiny crescent moon shapes and a floral/snowflake pattern that repeats in the shimmering color of your choosing; Black Sparkle, Gold Sparkle, Copper Sparkle, Turquoise Sparkle, Blue Violet Sparkle, Green Sparkle, & Red Sparkle (which looks Fuschia Pink in the sun). 

Van Gogh Glass is well known in the Stained Glass and Mosaic world. This beautiful, sparkly, colorful painted glass is a sight to be seen when it captures the luster of the light hitting that shimmer making your artwork shine. 

Each color is cut in 6in x 6in Squares and sold per square. If you buy 2 of the same color, I will try and keep them intact for a 6in x 12in larger rectangle. Must be the same color, must be an even number. Will not ship larger than 6x12in. 

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