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Trichroic Glass Sheets - Waves

Trichroic Glass Sheets - Waves

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Six Trichroic sheet styles to choose from; Pebble, Aurene, Waves, Woodgrain, Wavolite, & Ovale. It is hard to pick just one. At our customers request, we had more patterns created added to the collection, hopefully being available to purchase in a few months!  These beautiful Trichroic glass sheets can be used in any artform that you normally use art glass such as Stained glass, mosaics, and Tiffany inspired lampwork.  Anywhere that you want to add a pop of color and dimension to your works of art. 


Each piece is a rectangle measuring 6.5 x 3+ inches with a width of 4mm for $25.

We are now offering HALF SHEET options! These come in all 6 patterns and measure 13 x 6.5 inch rectangle for $85 which includes shipping at almost a  20% discounted rate than buying them in their smaller size. Please contact us directly through email or chat for special requests of large quantities and/or sizes for specific patterns!   

DOES IT FUSE? Easy to cut, grind, and apply to any glass art medium. This is made out of float glass COE 82 +/-, so fusing is not advisable with other COE. But that should not stop you from experimenting and having fun.  We have tested this glass in Slumping and it works beautifully! Fusing further on its own will give a frosted appearance which is also beautiful. 

The Trichroic process is specially hand crafted while glass is hot.  The oxide chemicals needed to provide that vibrant coating is placed on the hot glass and than brought to a pressurized chamber to help activate and adhere this coating to the textured glass. When finished, you are left with a mesmerizing coating that captures light and changes into fractures of different color at different angles that leaves the viewer breathless in its beauty. There is an added reflective silver mirror-like effect that helps fracture light and give a gorgeous effect. 

The glass is coated with special coatings to filter and transmit different wavelengths of light as well as a reflective coat to alter the light more. When put onto flat sheet glass, it becomes a magical sight to see in person. 

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