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RESTOCKED & NEW Color Magic Glass & Metal Paint

RESTOCKED & NEW Color Magic Glass & Metal Paint

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RESTOCKED & NEW colors added: Red Ruby Trans & Black Matte

Color Magic Glass & Metal paints are created by the same brand, Hoevel, that makes Kwik-Clean Flux and Patina Cleaner, Diegel Foiling System, & the Kwik-Crimp foiler. 

This rainbow of color options come in transparents and opalescents to suit your artistic needs. Brushes on with the brush applicator attached to lid and can be applied easily just like nail polish. Artists can use their own brush for more intricate designs or paint on top of a stencil to make a pattern. 

Colors dry quickly and don't need to be cured or baked to become permanent. They are permanent once dry. Can be coated with clear coat or clear spray paint to seal. 

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