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Bullseye Glass

Bullseye Glass - 1311 - Cranberry Pink Transparent 90 coe

Bullseye Glass - 1311 - Cranberry Pink Transparent 90 coe

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Bullseye Glass - 1311 - Cranberry Pink Transparent 90 coe

This glass is a STRIKER. Striker glass needs to be heated to a specific high heat for a few hours to turn its Transparent tinted clear color into a robust bright color that it was intended to be. When purchasing this glass, understand that we took the time to purchase, cut down to size, and heat treated EACH individual piece to get the final activated color. The price of this glass will not reflect the market price, but will be priced for this additional service. 

Sizes available are left doubled until purchase. If ordering ONE size, I will cut the doubled size. If ordering TWO of the same size, if available, I will try my best to keep these pieces whole for double purchases. Example: Order TWO 5x5in square, I will ship, if available, ONE 5x10in rectangle equaling two 5x5 squares. Limited availability in all sizes. 

Stunning reflections and with its mix of colors, gives a show stopping effect in any project. 

We are trying to bring back a lot of pinks to the glass market. There just isn't enough. Due to pink and violet glass having gold in their chemical makeup, these glass sheets are expensive to make and even more expensive to buy let alone, rare to find. We have broken these piece down for glass artists to be able to have this in their studio for a fraction of the cost of buying larger sheets. 

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