Collection: UV Reactive Uranium/Vaseline Glass Jewels

After almost a year of forward and back with a professional production team with product samplings and finalizing what shape and size to start this amazing product to test in the glass and jewelry market, I have finally received in my hand a limited supply of something magical. 

I have worked with a production team for almost a year in 2022/23 to get these created. I've been obsessed with Uranium glass ever since I knew that it produced an eery bright "ectoplasm" green glow when it is exposed to UV/Ultraviolet black light. I was determined to get this glass to test out my desire to get these into usable stained glass accessories to adorn glass artist art work. I hunted for Uranium Glass  in thrift stores, estate sales, and even tried out glass blowing rods to find the right "hue" of eery yellow and green. I would break down these antiques and fuse them down into little glowing blobs, but I was never happy with my experiments. 

I hope you have fun with this new solid Crystal glass Uranium Jewels that glow in your glass art and jewelry making. Please send me photos of your orders and what you make with them. I will be producing more styles and sizes through out the year based on my customers needs and requests. 

UV Reactive Uranium/Vaseline Glass Jewels