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The Sprouted Plate

Crystal Glass Blown Handspun Trichroic Rondels

Crystal Glass Blown Handspun Trichroic Rondels

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Handspun Blown Crystal Trichroic Rondel:

Comes in sizes: 110mm, 100mm, 80mm & 60mm 

Sizes coming soon in the next few weeks: 120mm 

Handspun Blown Crystal Trichroic Rondel's are one of our favorites on the site. Place these beauties in your glass work or craft of choice. Allow it to be your focal point or centerpiece to make your art shine and offer your customers something beautifully unique to acquire. 

Mesmerizing when held in the sunlight or under artificial light sources, the colors change when it reflects in natural or fluorescent light. You will have a beautiful piece to use as you wish to bring a sense of decadence to your art. With Trichroic's, their special heat-pressure treated process allows for blue and golds to shine through in natural or artificial light and glisten with an aurora of deep and light purples, blues, and platinum in natural sunlight. Many looks in one piece of glass to please any eye. 

Will keep in stock as a regular item, but takes 2-4 weeks to replenish once sold out. First come, first serve. 



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